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Ice wine 2011 a real rarity

Finally, the frost came. A couple of nights at least – just enough to harvest some ice wine. As the German wine institute reports, several of the German wine regions were able to get in some liters. Even if very limited amounts.

Our local newspaper announces that the wine cooperation Ruppertsberg has harvested Riesling grapes for ice wine. The grapes showed 180 ° Oechsle, when they were picked yesterday morning at -9 ° C. 

For months, I had been watching one of the vineyards close by, where a few rows of grapes were still left at the vines after the harvest season in the fall. The intention was to keep those until frost comes, to be used for ice wine. But, apparently, the grapes did either not last as long, or they were taken in for late late harvest. So, in this case, it did not work out. 

However, 2011 can be stated as a year with very little ice wine. Generally, most vintners gave up the idea weeks and months ago, since the winter had been unusually mild. 

Ice wine is a speciality which gives very small amounts only (3-5 hectoliters / hectare). But because sought after, they are paid for extremely well. Usually, they are long lasting, so most consumers will have to use ice wines from previous vintages instead. 


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